January 29, 2020

Do You Know What Your Smartphone Can Do?

Since 2011, the number of Americans owning smartphones has increased from 35 percent to 81 percent, although there remains a significant digital divide, demographically. A Pew Research survey found the vast majority of younger Americans rely on smartphones, while just 53 percent of the 65-and-over crowd use the devices.1

Americans who have embraced the technology are finding it can greatly simplify and enhance their lives. No matter what you want to accomplish, the chances are you can download an app to get it done. Apps, a.k.a. mobile applications, are computer programs that make it possible for your phone to do almost anything. All you have to do is tap the right icon. For example, you can:

Drive more safely: Even adults have been guilty of using their phones while driving. Some apps use text-to-voice translators to let you listen and respond to texts and emails while driving so you can keep your eyes on the road.2

Check out a book: Anyone with a current library card can download e-books and audio books from their libraries with an app.2

Stay healthy: Whether you want to know more about nutrition, fitness, or specific health issues, it’s likely there is an app to help your specific needs.2

Shed some light: If it’s getting harder to read menus in dark restaurants, see if your phone has a flashlight app. If not, you can download one.2

Stay in touch: Have family or friends who live far away? Mobile messaging apps let you share pictures, send texts, and make voice or video calls.3

Entertain yourself: You can watch television and movies, listen to music and podcasts, read books and articles, find dates, play games, and so much more.4

Translate languages: It can be daunting to travel through a country when you don’t speak the language. Smartphone apps can help bridge language barriers.5

Manage your money: If you have trouble with budgeting and spending, an app may help.5

Provide first aid: Don’t panic when disaster strikes. The American Red Cross has an app that provides expert advice for everyday emergencies.6

Apps can be mighty helpful. In fact, you may find yourself spending too much time on your phone. If that’s the case, there are apps for monitoring and controlling phone use.7


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