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Market Commentary

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Market Commentary - 10/4/2022

The third quarter marked a change in attitude. So far, 2022 has been a tough year for investing. We’ve experienced an unusual phenomenon – the simultaneous decline of stock and bond markets. Throughout the third quarter, investors’ concerns focused on global instability, rising prices and the possibility that central bank efforts to tame inflation would […]

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Market Commentary - 9/27/2022

Central bank tightening sparked recession fears. Last week, the Federal Reserve (Fed) raised the federal funds rate for the fifth time this year. During 2022, the Fed has lifted its benchmark rate from near zero to 3.12 percent. Fed policymakers indicated that they expect to raise the rate again this year. That’s going to make […]

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Market Commentary - 9/20/2022

It’s open to interpretation. Jackson Pollock was an action painter. He poured, dropped, and dripped paint onto horizontal canvases. Some people look at his work and wonder why it’s highly valued. Others find deep meaning in the paintings. For instance, Pollock’s Convergence is a collage of splattered colors that has been described as “the embodiment […]

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Industry Insights

Unique industry analysis on a variety of financial topics.  Check out:
Lessen the Squeeze: Cost-Saving Tips During Inflation

We’ve worked on your budget, but we might not have been able to escape the squeeze that many of us are feeling due to rising costs. At the time of this writing, inflation, which measure the rise in prices over time for a basket of goods and services that represents consumer spending,1 is hovering at […]

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Ed Slott Advanced Training Completed - Angela Bender

Bender Completes Advanced Training from America’s IRA Experts at Ed Slott and Company, LLC  Members of Ed Slott’s Master Elite IRA Advisor GroupSM Attend Semiannual Workshop on the Latest Retirement Account Planning Strategies, Estate Planning Techniques and Tax Laws Leesburg, VA – Angela Bender, managing partner, completed her semiannual training with America’s IRA Experts at […]

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A Toast to Your Wealth...and Health - 4/18/2022

It’s a new world out there. We’ve survived a global pandemic and new opportunities await! But those new opportunities might require us to be a bit healthier – both with our wealth and our health. Forbes reports that there is a deep connection between our health and our wealth. The article reports that the ancient […]

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